Morphe Eye Shadow Palette

January 13, 2017
I love trying out new eye shadow palettes and creating new eye looks. I am honestly just a makeup junkie. I love limited edition palettes and I prefer palettes with more neutral colors. When Morphe said they were releasing 2 limited edition palettes, I was so excited. They released the 25 A Copper spice and the 25 B Bronzed Mocha palette on December 26th. I went and ordered the 25 B palette. I was unsure of how the consistency of the Morphe palettes were since I have only ever ordered their brushes. I swatched some of the shimmer shades and just the lightest touch gives off a lot of pigment. They are so soft and they blend so beautifully. I have been wanting to try out one of their palettes because I have heard so many good things about them and they are so affordable. On Morphe’s Facebook page, they did say they will be restocking, but they are unsure how long the restock will take. It was 29.34 and that is with a discount I used. I just used Jaclyn Hill’s (A youtuber’s) discount code: jacattack. The shipping was around 7 dollars which is pricey considering it isn’t heavy. I received this within a week and a half, but just now got around to opening it up. Let me know if you want me to do a video on using this palette. This has beautiful colors and such great pigment. I can’t wait to try out more looks.
Below is the picture of the box, the actual palette, and swatches of some of the shimmers. Need I say more? These shimmers are gorgeous. Happy Friday everyone!


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