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March 31, 2017

Dress ideas for spring/summer!

One of my favorite things about spring/summer is being able to wear dresses. Dresses are like my leggings in the winter. I love finding dresses that are easy to put on and don’t require a lot of effort. I love shift dresses and flowy dresses. I don’t really like tight dresses because I want to feel comfy, not like I have to suck everything in haha.

I linked below some options of great spring/summer dresses for everyday wear. Just click on the picture at the bottom and it will take you directly to the website.

  1. This Lush split neck shift dress is one of my favorites. It comes in 5 different colors and I have the black color. I really want to get the navy color as well because it is such a staple piece to have in your closet. It is under 50 and trust me you will wear it multiple times. You can dress it up with jewelry or wear it with slip on shoes/converse to make it more laid back. Definitely recommend it!
  2. The forever 21 cold shoulder dress is something different than what I would normally wear. I like the distressed look it has and I like the cold-shoulder detail. I absolutely love this dress and think it is so cute for a fun day out shopping with friends or going to the zoo or something like that. And it’s under 40 bucks!!
  3. This Socialite dress from Nordstrom is such great quality and so affordable and also a great piece to have in your wardrobe. I like pieces I can wear more than one season and this is a dress for just that. This is so cute and you can throw on a cardigan or a jean jacket or even just wear it like it is and pick some bright jewelry to pair it with. The ideas are endless and it comes 9 different colors. The best part is that its 35$ and Nordstrom has fast free shipping. Any time I order something from them I get it in less than 4 days. Im not kidding. Something that is a NEED for spring/summer!
  4. Another one that I love is the Honey Knot dress. I have seen these all over Instagram, Pinterest, and more. I love how it shows a tiny bit of your stomach and that its neutral color. This would even be great wearing as a bathing suit cover up. Its from Urban Outfitters and under 50$
  5. This last dress is a bit more pricey, but I think it is totally worth it. I love the frills and the blush pink color. I think this would be perfect for wearing to a wedding this spring/summer and you can also wear it to other events. It is a little more pricey, but again this would be another great staple piece to have for years to come if you needed a cute simple dress to wear.

You can shop all items in the links below. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. XOXO

P.S. I will be doing a giveaway on my blog very soon so stay tuned for that!!

March 29, 2017

Favorite Mascaras

My favorite part of doing my makeup is adding mascara. It is the one thing I never forget to put on. It can instantly make your eyes pop in my opinion even with nothing else on your face. My eyelashes have always been on the longer side, but a little help to make them appear fuller and darker never hurt. Below I list my top 4 fav mascaras! I rotate through these depending on the look I am going for that day. You can shop these products below by clicking the pictures at the bottom of the post!

  1. The smashbox full exposure mascara is a great mascara. It gives your eyelashes such a full look without it looking like your eyelashes are all stuck together. I only need one coat of this, but you can layer it for an even fuller effect.
  2. The Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is a favorite by so many people. I first received this with a palette I bought from Too Faced like two years ago and it was just the deluxe sample. I fell in love because it gives you such a dramatic look if you are doing a smokey eye. Multiple coats can make your eyelashes turn into one eyelash if you know what I’m saying..haha. So just one is needed, but it is difficult to put on the lower lash since the wand is a little thicker. Still an all time fav of mine! I linked the travel size that is 12$ below. Try it if you like voluminous lashes!
  3. I can’t say enough good things about the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. A friend recommended this to me a while back and I ended up receiving this in my sephora play box. This is my go to mascara on a daily basis. I don’t know what it is about this mascara, but it evenly coats my mascara and gives it length and volume all in one. I linked the travel size below that is 12$ and lasts such a long time. I can’t even go through it before you are supposed to throw away mascaras. So definitely try it out!
  4. The Lancome Hypnose Drama is my second favorite all together! Every time I wear this I always get compliments on my eyelashes and it lasts all day on me. If I touch my eyelashes, it won’t flake off like some mascara I have tried and it just makes any eyeshadow look instantly even better somehow. I couldn’t find a travel size unfortunately.

These have been the best mascaras in my opinion and I hope you’ll try one of them out. I swear by these 4 and really don’t use any other mascaras in the past 2 months. I just rotate through these 4 and have really enjoyed each of them.

Thanks for reading! XOXO


March 27, 2017

Spring shoe essentials under 30$

I have to admit that I don’t buy many shoes. I usually buy one or two pairs of sandals and wear those till they can’t be worn any longer. I just get into a routine with shoes and they are worn in and cute and I just continuously wear them. I am trying to be better though and venture out to find cute sandals for this spring and summer. I have found 6 different pairs that I am absolutely obsessed with. Pom Poms and tassels are seriously my favorite right now. I found the cutest shoes from forever 21 and the best part is they are all under 30$ and 3 of the options are under 20$! SCORE!

All of the links are down below. Just click on the picture of the item you like and it will take you to the website to see the other colors they have!!

The first pair are these beautiful yellow Espadrille slip-ons. I am so so excited about these. I mean how cute are they. And the color will be so great for spring and summer. These come in three different colors and they are 19.90. I’m in love with the pink as well. These would go with so many outfits and I really think if you took care of them they would last for a long time!

The second pair I found are the coral slip on sandals that have pompoms and tassels. How cute are they? I mean seriously so in style right now and I am for sure ordering these! A big plus is they are only 22 bucks! A great deal and a fun way to spice up any outfit.

Another pair I found are the lace up espadrilles. So easy to slide on and will easily match any outfit. I think these are perfect for spring and any vacation you have planned. And they are under 20 bucks!!

I found some cute slip ons that are easy to pair with any outfit you have on and head on your way. They come in a few different fun spring/summer colors and I am pretty much obsessed with these. They are simple, but still so cute and you can’t beat the price of 13$!!

One of my favorites I found are the ankle strap pom pom sandals. If you can’t tell, I am loving pom poms right now and they seem to be everywhere. I like how fun they are and it adds something to a plain pair of shoes that makes them fun to wear. They are 24.90 but still under 30$!

Lastly, I found these tassel sandals and I love these so much. I love the blush color and how different they are from any other sandal I have. I also like the fact that they are under 30$ and they would dress up a plain v-neck and jeans or shorts for the spring/summer season. Definitely a must!

Thanks for reading!! XOXO



March 24, 2017

Makeup Products You HAVE to try!!

1. The number one beauty product I swear by is my Mac fix +. You can use this product as a primer as well as a product to set your makeup. I mostly use this as a way to set my makeup and it is seriously the best I have ever tried. I have tried drug store and also high end setting sprays because you want your makeup to last as long as you need it to and none of the products I have tried compare to Mac fix +. It smooths out any powder you have on your face into your foundation and it makes it blend in all together seamlessly. Seriously if you don’t try any other beauty products out in this post, please try this one. You won’t regret it!!!

2. Two different setting powders that I think are the best in my opinion are the Laura Mercier loose setting powder and the Kat Von D lock-it loose setting powder. Both of these are such great products and keep my concealer in place literally all day. They are both more on the pricey side, but they have both lasted me so long and they are honestly worth it in my opinion. You can get the travel option of the Kat Von D which is what I have that I used for my vacation in February and I still have so much left. The travel size is only $15 for the Kat Von D which isn’t too bad. If you are looking for a great quality loose setting powder and want it to last a while.. definitely check out one of these. You can’t go wrong with either one!

3. Some of my favorite products from Too Faced are the Born this way Foundation (Which I have raved about for the past year I feel like), the Hangover primer (this stuff hydrates your skin so well), and the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bone eye shadow palette (Ive had this palette since last year and I still love it so so much and too faced has such high quality eye shadows.) All three of these products are amazing. I have been using all three for a very long time now and I continue to go back because they are so good. I love trying out new foundations, but I will always go back to the Born this Way foundation because it does great things for my skin. I always recommend this foundation for anyone that asks me!

4. Another foundation that I have recently come to love is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation. I have learned that it works better for me if I apply it with a foundation brush. It looks so good in pictures and really keeps my skin hydrated (although thats not really the purpose of the foundation). This foundation will stay on your face all day and won’t cake up. I have oily skin and I never have to touch up this foundation as long as I set it with a powder.

5. My all time favorite brow pencil is the Anastasia Brow Definer. I am on my third pencil now and it is so easy to use. I actually tried the L’oreal brow pencil and the colourpop brow gel and they didn’t give me the same outcome that the ABH brow definer did. I use the shade Taupe and it works great with my skin tone. If you are really in to doing your brows, please try this out. This definer makes it so easy to apply to your brows to achieve the shape and outcome you want!!

6. My favorite bronzer has got to be the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. This is a classic bronzer that is pretty much a favorite world wide. It goes with any skin tone and is not too orange or too cool toned. It is the perfect shade for a bronzer. I swear by this stuff and rarely use any other bronzers. It is pretty affordable to so try it out if you get the chance!!

7. I also linked some of my favorite lip products below such as the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip and the Wet N Wild Cat suit liquid lipsticks. I like the colourpop ultra satin lips as well. Those are my top three brands I wear on my lips for a liquid lip stick!

Every thing is linked below, just click the picture of the item you want to look at and it will take you to that product! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and I will reply to you! Thanks for reading. XOXO


March 22, 2017

Too Faced Natural Love Palette.. is it worth it?

For the first order of business, as most of you can see from the new appearance of my blog, I have some new changes! I spent a few weeks trying to figure out what layout and design would make me feel proud of my blog. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know necessarily how to make that happen. I found a website that creates custom templates and premade templates for blogs, clothing websites, youtube profiles.. all of that. I came across the template that I have now and fell in love with the simplicity of it, but loved how it had the scalloped detail at the top and just the overall layout of it. I also was unaware how much I had to do to switch from Wix to WordPress and then switch my WordPress to a self-hosted WordPress. That is why it has taken a few weeks to make it live. After so much help from my blog designer Kate and the people of DreamHost, it is now finally live. I love it so much and I love how professional it looks. I really hope you all like it too and will continue to support me. I have something very exciting that I will be working on and I will be sharing that in the weeks to come so be on the lookout for that.

On to the actual post! I have been waiting for the new Too Faced palette to launch for a couple of months now. I love palettes that have so much of a variety and thats why I loved it! I wasn’t too keen on the price, but I knew it would last me for a very long time and all of my Too Faced palettes are seriously top quality. So I ordered it on March 9th I believe when it came out and it arrived a few days ago! I actually used it for the first time yesterday and absolutely fell in love. I went for the pink shades for a lighter look, but used a darker color to darken the outer v on my eyelid. It blended so easily and I can’t wait to start using this palette all of the time. It has so many different shades which you will see below that I love. I would say it is definitely worth the price if you are in to makeup and want a variety of options to create endless looks.

Too Faced Natural Love Palette 

Swatched below are (Left to right) : Hot & Bothered, Honeymoon, Undercover, Honey butter (Lightly), and at the top is Lace Teddy

Thanks for reading!! XOXO