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April 19, 2017

The first item that I have and love is the dupe for the $900 Valentino “Rockstud” sandals. These have been so popular lately, but honestly not many people can afford the high price tag for sandals. I found a dupe if you will for these shoes from Target for under $30. They looks so identical, yet you don’t break the bank. Also I love mine and they are so so comfy. On the left are the Valentino sandals and on the right are the Target studded gladiator sandals (Little darker in person).



The Chloe bags are so popular right now and I am so obsessed with the Chloe Faye and the Chloe mini marcie bag, but I don’t want to spend the almost $2,000 dollars on the Faye and the $890 on the Chloe mini. I found great look alikes for this bag and actually own a Chloe Faye look alike. On the left top is the Real Chloe Faye in a dark grey color and on the right is the look alike in a lighter gray color linked here.


Also the Chloe Mini Marcie bag has a cute look alike that is under $50. It isn’t exact, but it gives you the look you want if you like this bag. On the left is the real and the left is the look alike. Like I said, they aren’t exact, the one on the right is suede and the one on the left is a leather, but I still think they are both so cute in their own ways and the look alike is linked here.



Karen Walker sunglass styles are so cute, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on sunglasses that I may lose or break. (Sunglasses are the one thing I can’t keep in good shape haha). There are so many look alikes for these that it’s kind of overwhelming. I am sure the Karen Walker sunglasses are way better quality, but I would rather spend $300 dollars elsewhere in my opinion. So these dupes are a great option if you like this style, but don’t want to break the bank with the price tag of the real deal.


Here are a few dupes I love and what can be better than getting the style/look you want and saving money. Designer is great, but for people on a budget, some people need a dupe!! Hope you enjoyed this post. XOXO

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