Outfit of the Night!

May 27, 2017

I have had this cute lace top for so long now. I know it is a little riskayyy, but I kind of like it. It is a higher neck, so thats also a plus. I bought this from Shein months ago and I am just now getting a chance to wear it. IN LOVEEE. I believe it comes in two different colors as well and it is linked here.

I also have been loving these white Jessica Simpson jeans from Macy’s. They are so stretchy and don’t even feel like jeans. I love them. I also love the frayed uneven hem look. Definitely a must if you are in the market for a new pair of jeans.

I paired it with this necklace from the styled collection that is a 3 layer necklace. I love this piece and it was so affordable. I think it’s my go to piece in my collection right now. They have great pieces so you should definitely check them out. This necklace is linked here.

Lastly, this purse is seriously one of my favorites. I love how it fits my necessities and it is a dupe for the Chloe Faye bag! It was under $40 dollars and keeps you from over packing things in your purse because I am so guilty of this.

I love this whole look because its cute and comfy and something I wouldn’t usually wear, but it is nice to try something new! Hope you enjoyed. Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend. XOXO

P.S. Here is a funny picture I found after looking back through the pictures.. you are welcome… hahahaha!


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