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Nordstrom Sale item dupes

So, some of the items I wanted had already sold out on the Nordstrom site. I went on a mission to find similar pieces for hopefully even cheaper. I did just that and I am excited to share them with you. Not many items, but if you liked any of these below, it might help you. Shop everything below!

The first item is the B.P cardigan which was on sale for 31.90 (sold out now). Old Navy has a very similar style to the oatmeal one I wanted for $20 since they are having a 30% off sale. So that’s super exciting. I bought the tan and black colors because they are perfect for me to wear to work and a great price.

Another item I really wanted, but couldn’t get my hands on in time is the Lush side split tee. This was so popular in the NSALE, but I found a few similar options all under $10. I ordered this in white just to have a loose fit basic white tee. I like that it has the same side slits so its a little longer in the back. It cost me $8.40.

The Halogen loafers that are still in stock for $60 for the Nordstrom sale, I just didn’t want to spend the $60 dollars on something I wouldn’t wear every day. (It is still in stock, but limited sizes on So, I found these from Lulus for $22 and they are so similar except one is suede and the other has the leather look. I love them and I am glad I didn’t spend the $60. You can find the Lulu’s loafers here.

Lastly, I really liked the look of the 1.state perforated cut out bootie from the sale (Still in stock on Nordstrom website in most sizes), but I wasn’t going to pay the $90. So, I found one from target that has a very similar look that is $35!! Such a great deal.


Thanks for reading everyone!


My all time favorite Lippies

I love lip products. I have way too many that I need to get rid of. I have a set amount that I rotate through. As you can see in the pictures, they are basically the same tones. These shades just seem to go well with my skin tone so I stick with this shade range. I will be adding swatches below.

I know their is a love/hate with Kylie Cosmetics.. but I really like the matte liquid lip in the shade candy k. It appears to be a darker nude on my lips and I really like it. It says you only need one swipe if you don’t want it to feel drying. I do that and it lasts a long time on me and doesn’t dry my lips out. I really like this liquid lip, but I would probably stick to the liquid lip only. You don’t really need the lip pencil. You can usually match them pretty easy to drugstore lip liners. The lip kit is 29 and the liquid lip alone is $17. Click here to purchase exact product!

My next favorites are the Wet n Wild mega last liquid catsuit matte lipstick. I have this in two shades: Pink really hard and Nudist peach. I LOVE these lippies. They feel so good on your lips and they are long lasting. They do have a good range of shades and since they are so affordable, you can buy way more than just one of the Kylie matte singles. Definitely recommend these if you are looking for an affordable long lasting matte liquid lip.

This smashbox be legendary lipstick in the shade Safe Word is probably my favorite lipstick. I love the formula. It isn’t long lasting and does transfer since it’s a lipstick. My mom and I actually were shopping at Ulta and found this shade and we both wanted it. Luckily they had two left and we both bought it. It is one of those shades that really goes with any look you are going for. I love it.

I am not sure what happened to my full size Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip, but I kept them both in the same purse and now I can’t find the full size. But I got the sample size in a Sephora box and I am so glad because I was almost out of my full size one. It is in the shade Lovesick. It definitely is a pink shade, but has some purple tones coming through. I really like this if I am wanting a brighter lip. This is a great formula and doesn’t transfer if you let it completely dry. She also has so many shades! Exact product here!

Another favorite lip product is from The Balm’s meet Matt(e) Hughes collection in the shade committed. I received this in a Ipsy bag forever ago and it is probably my favorite out of all of these lip products. I am pretty much completely out of this. I need to order another, but just never have since I have other lip products I like. This product is just the perfect shade in my opinion for me. It doesn’t really look like I have a lip product on. And it has a minty scent which I really like.

Lastly, the Trestique matte lip crayon is another lippie that has been a favorite for awhile. I received this in a sephora box a while ago and it is in the shade Nantucket Nude. It applies easily, but keep in mind it will transfer. Lip crayons aren’t everyones favorite, but this is a real gem in my opinion.

Lastly, I wanted to share the Palladio lip liner that I love that goes with so many of my lip products. I got it at Ulta for like $2 and it feels so moisturizing on my lips and glides on so easily. Definitely check this lip liner out. It is so affordable and they have so many shades.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite lippie products. If you try any out, let me know. Or let me know your favorite lip products!




Shein clothing haul!

I love shopping at Shein so much. It is time consuming to search through their massive website, but if you find some good items then it is worth it. I needed some new blouses for my job and decided to check it out. I have ordered so many times from Shein because they have great pieces that are modeled after some expensive pieces. I don’t ever buy expensive clothing that I may not wear for years. So, I wanted to find blouses under 15$ each. The first time I ever shopped on Shein, I found a dress I loved and ordered it. Well turns out it was a see through dress. Literally no lining. So I went back to read the comments/reviews and sure enough it said to not buy it because it is see through. I learned my lesson and I feel if you read the reviews on what other people say about that piece, you will be golden.

The first item I purchase was this fluted sleeve gingham print smock blouse. I was worried about the quality of all of these, but they are all so nice for the price point. This shirt fit so well on me when I tried it on and I like the print it comes in. This top was $10. You can see below how I will style this for work and casual outings.


The next item that I purchased is probably my favorite out of the whole haul. It is this gorgeous bell sleeve pearl embellished blouse. I love how this feels and how it looks on. I absolutely love this look. It was $14, which was the highest priced top I bought. The pearls aren’t cheaply made either. They feel like they are attached tightly and they are a heavier pearl than a cheap pearl you might think would be on there for the price. I really like this blouse. I actually saw a similar more expensive shirt that looked exactly like this on either Zara or Asos.. I can’t remember which one. This also comes in yellow.

Next, I got this black chiffon blouse. It is just a simple blouse that would pair great with any color blazer or even paired with your favorite accessories. I like simple blouses like this because you can create so many different outfits with this. The fabric is so nice and I believe this was only $10. Another great find that will be so versatile.

I got this simple white blouse simply because I really liked the sleeves. It has this insert detail that adds so much to the top. I also think it is easy to dress it up or down in the Fall/Winter seasons. But I am excited to wear this where you can see the sleeves while it is still very warm. This blouse was also $10 and great quality.

Lastly, I purchased this navy frill top. I think this is so cute and so versatile as well. I like the way the top feels on and it is so easy to style in different ways which is what I like. This blouse was $12. I love that all of the tops I purchased can be styled so many different ways and I look for that when buying pieces. I don’t want one trendy piece that I can’t wear multiple ways. Pieces like that don’t really last in my wardrobe because after one or two times wearing the piece, it isn’t as trendy as before and I don’t get much use out of it after.

Just remember to always read the reviews/comments at the bottom of each piece of clothing you are looking at to gauge whether it will be a good purchase for you.

I am also including other pieces I have purchased that haven’t come in just yet from






Nordstrom Sale

Tomorrow at 2am CT begins the Nordstrom sale that is opening to everyone who is not a Nordstrom credit or debit cardholder. This is a pretty big sale for those of you who aren’t familiar with it. They basically take incoming Fall items and mark them down instead of waiting till the end of the fall season. So this is a great opportunity to get Fall items you may be needing at a great price. I have linked the items below that are my favorites from this years sale. I don’t need much, but there are some basic pieces that I am wanting to snatch up.

Some of my favorites that I will definitely be ordering is the B.P. cardigan in the oatmeal color, the Lush raw edge slit tee in the white and the navy color, and the STS ripped boyfriend jeans.

A hot item this year is the Topshop patchwork and striped camel cardigans. They sold out quickly in the early access sale, but Nordstrom did say that they will be restocking before the sale goes public. Another hot item is the Halogen slip on loafers. They are a great price and if I hadn’t already bought a similar pair, I would have purchased these.

Also, can we talk about how adorable that velvet handbag is? I love velvet and it is so in trend right now. This handbag comes in three total colors and is a dupe for so many high end bags. Definitely snag this for this great price.

The Nordstrom sale has some great activewear markdowns going on as well. I have had to promise myself not to buy anything because I have way to much gym attire. I seem to buy more activewear than regular clothes. But if you are in the market for some new quality gym wear, then check out their sale on these items. You will not be disappointed.

They are also having a sale on beauty. This Mac lip kit is a great price and I LOVE the color. They have so much beauty for a great price!

These are just my top picks on some items I will be purchasing from the Nordstrom sale. I am so excited to finally be able to shop it to stock up on some items for Fall. Let me know what you all are wanting to buy from the sale in the comments section. If you have any great finds, definitely let me know!!



My favorite moisturizers!


I love moisturizers! There are all different kinds that serve different purposes. I don’t like spending a lot of money on products and like to find good drugstore products that are affordable, but these have been my favorite and really do help keep my skin in check. They each serve their own purpose and I will tell you more about each below.

The belief moisturizing bomb is a gel consistency. I really like this product when my skin is breaking out. It doesn’t necessarily feel like it gives a lot of moisture to your skin, but it does. I like to use this with the confidence in a cream. The belief moisturizer leaves skin feeling firm and while it does hydrate. I use this more to tighten my skin then moisturize it.

The it cosmetics confidence in a cream is my Holy Grail. This stuff works wonders for my skin. I like to apply this at night and it really does transform my skin overnight. It states on the Sephora website that it is supposed to  rejuvenate, repair, and restore skin for softer, smoother, younger-looking results. I do believe that it does everything it claims to do. If my skin is having issues where it has texture on the outer perimeters of my face it will be gone after a few uses. I do feel that my skin is smoother and brighter in my opinion when I use this product. If you buy any of these, definitely let it be this product.

I am also a big fan of the First Aid Beauty repair cream intense hydration. If my skin is super dry or feeling dull and just in need of moisture.. this is my go to moisturizer. This is a thick cream. You don’t need a lot because a small amount will go far, but I like to put a dime size and rub it in all over my face, neck, elbows, and hands. It will work wonders if you have really dry skin. I have the travel size that I keep with me in my purse so its a little cheaper if you purchase it that way. Definitely try this product if you suffer from really dry skin.

Lastly, the Lala retro whipped cream from Drunk Elephant is really great as well. I received this in a Sephora Play box and loved this product. It is a more expensive product so I do use it sparingly. This product really helps firm and hydrate my skin. It is a semi-thick formula, but not as thick as the First aid beauty cream. Even though it is thicker it isn’t greasy or have any oily feeling. I love the whipped texture it has and I love how it makes my skin feel hydrated, tighter, and overall more balanced. If you are willing to spend a little more on your skincare, then definitely check this product out.

All of these moisturizers have helped me in fixing any hydration, dullness, or texture issues my skin has had. I love all of four of these products and if you have any questions let me know in the comments section. If you have any drugstore moisturizers you love, also let me know. I love trying out new products.

Happy Hump Day! XOXO.



My top 3 Foundations and Primers

I love testing out new primers and foundations. I love finding all matte foundations and I also love finding luminous foundations. Depending on what makeup look I am going for determines what foundation and primers I want to use that day.

All of the products are linked at the bottom!

My top primers to use are my Becca Backlight Priming filter which I have talked about numerous times on my blog. I also really like the Too Faced hangover Rx primer. I have too many primers in my collection, but the last one that is my top favorites is the smashbox photo finish foundation primer. All three of these are my favorites in their own way.

The Becca primer has this glow that gives you an all over luminosity, but not a intense glow. It just peaks through your foundation to give you a natural healthy glow. That is why I love this product so so much. It smells so good and it feels good when you apply it. I usually add this to the points on my face that are more of a natural highlighting area.

The Too Faced hangover primer feels so refreshing and like it’s replenishing moisture to your skin. I like to apply this and let it soak in to my skin. It is infused with coconut water so it smells like the beach which is a plus. This primer does make my makeup last all day because my skin is moisturized and healthy. So the foundation won’t cling to any dry patches on the face. It gives an all over moisturized layer so your foundation goes on evenly.

Lastly, the smashbox photo finish primer is clear and really smoothes out your skin. I put a small amount where I have larger pores and this really works to minimize the pores and give an   even layer so the foundation can apply easily.

On to foundations, I really have always been obsessed with the Too Faced Born this way foundation. I have loved this foundation since it launched and I still love it. I think this is my 5th bottle. It is so good. I would say this is a light to medium coverage, but your are definitely able to build it up to achieve a fuller coverage. I usually use 1 and a 1/2 pumps and apply with a damp beauty sponge. This gives me enough coverage to even out my skin tone and then I can just conceal any areas that need a bit more coverage. I love this product because the finish really looks like your skin. I love it.

My next favorite foundation is the Make up For ever Ultra HD foundation. This has been a favorite among so many people across the world. I absolutely love this foundation if I know I am going to be taking photos or need my skin to look flawless. I usually use 2 pumps of this and apply with a foundation brush. Then I will use a damp beauty sponge to blend any brush strokes. You can make this foundation look all matte or give a dewy luminous finish. It looks beautiful either way.

Lastly, my favorite drugstore foundation is the Rimmel London stay matte liquid mousse foundation. This is definitely a fuller coverage foundation, but it is very lightweight on the skin. This is also a matte finish and I do have oily skin in my t-zone and this keeps me matte all day long. I really like this product if I need a fuller coverage makeup look. I also like the mousse texture of the foundation. It is so easy to blend and other makeup products such as concealer, blush, bronzer, etc., sits really well on top of this foundation. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a more affordable option.

The pictures below are the primers so you can see what they look like and then below this one is after I blended them to get a better view of how they look spread out.

(Left to right: Becca primer, Smashbox, Too Faced Primer)


Today’s OOTD!


4 ways to style a 4$ tank

So I want to start a Fashion Friday on my blog where every Friday there will be a post that is fashion related. It could be anything from a how to style or outfits I wore that past week. You all get what I’m saying! (Everything is linked down at the bottom and items I couldn’t find are linked under each picture).

Anyways, for this week I wanted to show you how to style a simple 4$ tank that I got from Old Navy on sale with things you probably already have in your closet. I love the high neck loose tanks and how versatile they can be.

1. The first way I would style this is by pairing it with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. I love the loose style of boyfriend jeans and how they just look effortless and they are quite comfy. I like to wear this tank with the boyfriend jeans and my lace up flats. Throw on your favorite simple jewelry piece and add your fav handbag. Simple way to style and didn’t break the bank.

Lace up sandals

2. The next way I would style this is to pair it with your favorite skirt. I have this J.crew black skirt style that I really like so I tucked it in to the skirt and added the white blazer to dress it up. I really like this look because it is great for a date night or a dinner with friends or family. So simple and stuff you probably already have in your closet right now. Pair this with some tan heels or sandals and you are good to go.

J.Crew Skirt

3. If you want a dressed down summer look, pair this with some high waisted white or light blue denim and a pair of cute sandals like the ones I paired with this look from Target. I love the white pair of high waisted denim from Charlotte Russe, but I also love the tank paired with my light blue denim Zara high waisted shorts. I like this paired with either running shoes for a sporty look or sandals to make it feel more dressed up. Add any jewelry you prefer and you have a easy put together look.

Zara shorts

4. My last look is something you could wear to the gym. I paired these with my Lululemon leggings , black VS pink sports bra, and black nike running shoes and you are ready to hit the gym. Pair with your favorite water bottle.

Lulu leggings

This is 4 ways to wear a 4$ dollar tank. So easy and most of these items you already have in your closet. I like how versatile this tank is for dressing up or going to the gym. I love pieces like this in my closet.

Thanks for reading!





Acne fighting skincare

We all hate acne, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I don’t by any means have perfect skin and I do get acne like any other person, but for me I have found this skincare routine really helps me keep acne away and my skin feeling and looking healthy.

My first thing is to never sleep in makeup. When I was younger, I would sometimes go to bed and not wash off my makeup because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but now you hear that it is terrible to sleep in. So I like to wash that off before I cleanse my skin. I like to use the Clinique Cleansing balm, but I don’t use it everyday since I don’t wear full coverage makeup everyday. I only use this product if I have full coverage makeup on. If I am wearing a light layer, I use the simple makeup wipes to wipe the makeup away.

Next I like to use the First Aid Beauty skin rescue deep cleanser with red clay or the skin laundry gentle face cleanser. Both are a gel consistency. I use my Clarisonic and add either or to the brush to really clean out my pores.

After, I like to use a cold rag to pat on my face to close up my pores. Then I start by tapping the Belif witch hazel herbal toner with a cotton swab all over my face. I don’t rub with my hands, just tap with the cotton swab so it isn’t so rough on the skin. This really helps to dry up any acne and keep bacteria out of your pores to give you an all over clean base.

Then I add the it cosmetics confidence in a cream moisturizer all over my face. I learned that it is better to tap moisturizer in to your skin instead of rubbing, plus it is easier on your skin. I also don’t know what it is about this moisturizer, but it is so light and has evened out my complexion so nicely. I love this stuff and need to buy the full size product when I run out of this travel size which has lasted me a few weeks because you don’t need a lot.

(P.S. a great tip to share with you all is that if I am unsure about a product whether it be makeup or skincare, I like to buy the travel size first and test it out and if I like it, then I will purchase the full size product. That way you aren’t wasting money on a full size product you may not like or may break you out.)

Then I like to add my First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream intense hydration to the outer perimeter of my face since I have combo skin and the outer portion of my face stays dry while my t-zone can be oily depending on the weather. This product is a thicker consistency than the it cosmetics moisturizer so keep that in mind.

Lastly, I like to add the Mario Badescu drying lotion to any acne that may have come through or any clogged pores that look like a problem area. It is important to NOT shake this formula. If you do, it will completely ruin the product and make it less effective. I take a Q-tip and dip it into the powdery solution at the bottom and dot it onto any acne or problem area on my face. You let this dry over night and then if you have any left when you wake up, you can just wipe it away and add toner and moisturizer before adding makeup in the morning.

This acne skincare routine really has worked for me and it isn’t too rough on my face. I also wouldn’t say I have a lot of acne and never really have so I am very lucky and thankful. But I do breakout and when I do, this routine really is my saving grace for my skin. If you have any questions or any thing you use to get rid or fight acne definitely leave it in the comments section because I am always interested in trying new products. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday afternoon.





Glowy Makeup Routine

Hey lovely. Thanks for stopping by. Every product is linked at the bottom!! 

Summer always reminds me of having super glowy bronzed skin. I am obsessed with this look during summer and I like that you can go full glam or keep it simple, which is what I tend to lean towards. I think glowy skin starts from within so its always a plus to drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. I also like to use the it cosmetics confidence in a cream moisturizer and the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream in the intense hydration. This has kept my skin so moisturized. I don’t apply this in my t-zone since I tend to be oily in those areas, but I do apply it on the outer perimeters of my face. For the t-zone, I like to apply the belief true cream aqua bomb, which is more like a gel consistency so it doesn’t break me out.

Now that I am moisturized and have a good base. I like to apply the Too Faced RX hangover primer and tap that in to my skin. Then I give it a good 5 minutes to let it soak in to my skin.

I then add the Becca backlight priming filter. I LOVE THIS STUFF. This is my fav product of all time and I have been using it like crazy as you can tell from the pictures. So I just do one pump of this product and let it soak in to my skin as well.

After that, I use my it cosmetics foundation brush and apply my Too Faced Born this way foundation all over. I like to start with one pump and try to thin that out so I am not using as much product and it makes the makeup look more natural. (By all means, you can build this up if you want more coverage for a night out.. Just add another pump and build up to your desired coverage level.)

After the foundation drys down a bit, I like to go in with my Maybelline instant age rewind concealer under my eyes, my t-zone, and my smile lines. I like to blend this with my brush as well, but sometimes I will use my sponge if I want to get it done quick. I’ve learned if you use the brush and tap it in to your skin you get more coverage where as the sponge soaks up some of the concealer and sheers it out.

After, I like to use any type of setting powder that I have. Today I used the RCMA setting powder, but I also like the Kat von D setting powder, or the Coty airspun setting powder. Another good one is the Laura Mercier which is a fan favorite. Its really just whichever I grab out of my drawer first. So I will set this with a powder brush. I don’t bake any part of the concealer because this look is supposed to be glowy and natural and I don’t want it to be so matte.

Next, I put on my Urban Decay blush in “fetish” on my cheekbones and then I use the pacifica bronzer. I have the travel size and it has lasted me so long.. partly because I switch up bronzer every day. I put this right under my blush kind of in the hollows of my cheeks, but it doesn’t have to be super accurate. I just like to make sure it is blended in with my blush.

Then, I take a fluffy blending brush and add the bronzer to my eyelids just to give some color and dimension to make me look more awake. After I add my becca shimmering skin perfector in the shade Opal on the top of my cheekbones, my temples, the brow bone, tip of the nose, and the cupids bow. If you think you put too much on, you can use a damp beauty sponge and sheer it out so it isn’t as intense. I just lightly do it and build the highlight to the desired amount I want.

Next, I spray my Mac Fix + setting spray all over and let that dry. Then I will add my mascara (I used the Benefit roller lash today) and my bare minerals gloss. I put a light amount just to give some sheen to my lips.

That is all you have to do! Easy summer glowy makeup routine for days you just want a healthy glow!

In the picture I did add some of the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade committed.

Thanks for reading everyone!!

Blush: Fetish // Highlight: Opal // Bronzer: Sunkissed (Linked below)