Acne fighting skincare

July 12, 2017

We all hate acne, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I don’t by any means have perfect skin and I do get acne like any other person, but for me I have found this skincare routine really helps me keep acne away and my skin feeling and looking healthy.

My first thing is to never sleep in makeup. When I was younger, I would sometimes go to bed and not wash off my makeup because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but now you hear that it is terrible to sleep in. So I like to wash that off before I cleanse my skin. I like to use the Clinique Cleansing balm, but I don’t use it everyday since I don’t wear full coverage makeup everyday. I only use this product if I have full coverage makeup on. If I am wearing a light layer, I use the simple makeup wipes to wipe the makeup away.

Next I like to use the First Aid Beauty skin rescue deep cleanser with red clay or the skin laundry gentle face cleanser. Both are a gel consistency. I use my Clarisonic and add either or to the brush to really clean out my pores.

After, I like to use a cold rag to pat on my face to close up my pores. Then I start by tapping the Belif witch hazel herbal toner with a cotton swab all over my face. I don’t rub with my hands, just tap with the cotton swab so it isn’t so rough on the skin. This really helps to dry up any acne and keep bacteria out of your pores to give you an all over clean base.

Then I add the it cosmetics confidence in a cream moisturizer all over my face. I learned that it is better to tap moisturizer in to your skin instead of rubbing, plus it is easier on your skin. I also don’t know what it is about this moisturizer, but it is so light and has evened out my complexion so nicely. I love this stuff and need to buy the full size product when I run out of this travel size which has lasted me a few weeks because you don’t need a lot.

(P.S. a great tip to share with you all is that if I am unsure about a product whether it be makeup or skincare, I like to buy the travel size first and test it out and if I like it, then I will purchase the full size product. That way you aren’t wasting money on a full size product you may not like or may break you out.)

Then I like to add my First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream intense hydration to the outer perimeter of my face since I have combo skin and the outer portion of my face stays dry while my t-zone can be oily depending on the weather. This product is a thicker consistency than the it cosmetics moisturizer so keep that in mind.

Lastly, I like to add the Mario Badescu drying lotion to any acne that may have come through or any clogged pores that look like a problem area. It is important to NOT shake this formula. If you do, it will completely ruin the product and make it less effective. I take a Q-tip and dip it into the powdery solution at the bottom and dot it onto any acne or problem area on my face. You let this dry over night and then if you have any left when you wake up, you can just wipe it away and add toner and moisturizer before adding makeup in the morning.

This acne skincare routine really has worked for me and it isn’t too rough on my face. I also wouldn’t say I have a lot of acne and never really have so I am very lucky and thankful. But I do breakout and when I do, this routine really is my saving grace for my skin. If you have any questions or any thing you use to get rid or fight acne definitely leave it in the comments section because I am always interested in trying new products. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday afternoon.




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