Shein clothing haul!

July 21, 2017

I love shopping at Shein so much. It is time consuming to search through their massive website, but if you find some good items then it is worth it. I needed some new blouses for my job and decided to check it out. I have ordered so many times from Shein because they have great pieces that are modeled after some expensive pieces. I don’t ever buy expensive clothing that I may not wear for years. So, I wanted to find blouses under 15$ each. The first time I ever shopped on Shein, I found a dress I loved and ordered it. Well turns out it was a see through dress. Literally no lining. So I went back to read the comments/reviews and sure enough it said to not buy it because it is see through. I learned my lesson and I feel if you read the reviews on what other people say about that piece, you will be golden.

The first item I purchase was this fluted sleeve gingham print smock blouse. I was worried about the quality of all of these, but they are all so nice for the price point. This shirt fit so well on me when I tried it on and I like the print it comes in. This top was $10. You can see below how I will style this for work and casual outings.


The next item that I purchased is probably my favorite out of the whole haul. It is this gorgeous bell sleeve pearl embellished blouse. I love how this feels and how it looks on. I absolutely love this look. It was $14, which was the highest priced top I bought. The pearls aren’t cheaply made either. They feel like they are attached tightly and they are a heavier pearl than a cheap pearl you might think would be on there for the price. I really like this blouse. I actually saw a similar more expensive shirt that looked exactly like this on either Zara or Asos.. I can’t remember which one. This also comes in yellow.

Next, I got this black chiffon blouse. It is just a simple blouse that would pair great with any color blazer or even paired with your favorite accessories. I like simple blouses like this because you can create so many different outfits with this. The fabric is so nice and I believe this was only $10. Another great find that will be so versatile.

I got this simple white blouse simply because I really liked the sleeves. It has this insert detail that adds so much to the top. I also think it is easy to dress it up or down in the Fall/Winter seasons. But I am excited to wear this where you can see the sleeves while it is still very warm. This blouse was also $10 and great quality.

Lastly, I purchased this navy frill top. I think this is so cute and so versatile as well. I like the way the top feels on and it is so easy to style in different ways which is what I like. This blouse was $12. I love that all of the tops I purchased can be styled so many different ways and I look for that when buying pieces. I don’t want one trendy piece that I can’t wear multiple ways. Pieces like that don’t really last in my wardrobe because after one or two times wearing the piece, it isn’t as trendy as before and I don’t get much use out of it after.

Just remember to always read the reviews/comments at the bottom of each piece of clothing you are looking at to gauge whether it will be a good purchase for you.

I am also including other pieces I have purchased that haven’t come in just yet from





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