Stocking Stuffer Ideas

November 17, 2017

I absolutely love stocking stuffers. I love little gifts that are thought out and something you may open first or last depending on your traditions. We have always looked in our stocking last and it was always so much fun. I wanted to give you all some cute stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family. Everything will be linked under each section as usual and if you have any other stocking stuffer ideas that you would like to add, just comment in the comment section at the bottom of the post!

For her:

Makeup: Any kind of makeup such as lippies, eye shadow palettes, mascara. (ULTA is having their Cyber Fundays today and tomorrow. Nov. 17-18th.) So definitely check that out.

Hair Accessories: I know I can always use an extra pack of hair ties and bobby pins. They are also inexpensive and an easy stocking stuffer.

Candy: Obviously her fav candy/snacks.

Gum: Who doesn’t love to have gum?

Mani/pedi certificate: Sometimes it is nice to pamper yourself so this would be easy to stick in the stocking and be something fun for her to do after a long work week.

Nail Polish: I love essie nail polish and I feel like it is the perfect stocking stuffer. They are always coming out with new collections too.

Makeup Brushes: Morphe brushes are high quality and affordable. And if she loves doing her own makeup, definitely pick her up some of these brushes.. or one of their eye shadow palettes. They are just so affordable and great quality.

Travel size perfume: I love having travel perfume sprays to keep in my purse just for a little refresher when I am on the go. And you can get a travel spray in any scent/brand on for about $18. No matter the scent/brand which is a great deal. And you get a good amount of perfume as well. Definitely a plus!

For Him:

Hair gel: Not many guys are super in to hair gel, but if he is.. you can stock him up on his fav.

A tie: Everyone needs a good quality tie.

Personalized money clip/wallet: I love personalized gifts and something that a man will use everyday that is personalized to him is perfect.

Gloves: Who doesn’t need gloves? I always lose mine.

Socks: Socks are just an extra touch. Get his favorite brand and you’re set.

Movie gift card: See a new movie coming out in the future he would like, get him a gift card to your local movie theatre. And it could also be used for a date if you both want to see a certain movie 🙂

Harry’s grooming gift set: I love shave gift sets and I have heard great things about the Harry’s brand. Every man needs a new razor!

Leather Luggage tag: For the man who has to travel a lot, it is nice to have a high quality leather passport and luggage tag!



Most likely children get their big gifts under the tree so these are just little added stocking stuffers that are affordable.

For little the little lady:



Kids card games

Favorite candy

Flavored Chapstick

Hair Clips/Headbands

For the little man:

Small lego set

Favorite candy

Kids smart watch

Toothbrush with Fav characters


I hope you all enjoyed this little stocking stuffer guide. I will be having more gift guides to come. So stay tuned for that. XOXO

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  1. We are doing stockings this year and I’m so excited!! Thanks for the ideas. Another one for a guy would be a new belt. That’s something I bought for Logan and it’ll be small and easy to stick in a stocking 🙂

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