What’s on my Christmas Wish list?

November 20, 2017

I was trying to figure out what I would ask my friends and family for Christmas and I just started reminiscing about writing letters to Santa and how magical the whole holiday season was. All of the lights, the love, and laughter. I do miss being younger sometimes because it seems as you get older it is hard to feel that Christmas magic. Before my Nana passed away she was so good about keeping Christmas magical no matter what the age. This will be our first Christmas without her and she will be so missed. She had the most beautiful Christmas Tree and she also made opening gifts so fun and exciting. From solving riddles to scavenger hunts, she always kept us on her toes.. But it always meant so much to me through out the years because the magic does fade as you get older, especially if you do not have young children around. I remember from when I was very young and her and my papaw surprised me with a trip to Disney World. She bought a suitcase that had Minnie Mouse on the front, new clothes for the trip, and a note that although I do not remember in full was basically Minnie and Mickey inviting me to come visit their home. Years later I still remember this. Christmas is about being with your loved ones and not so much the gifts. But since it is so close to the Holidays I wanted to share those memories with you and I hope to be that way with my children and grandchildren because she always made Christmas and any special event so memorable.

I by no means think/expect to get everything on my Christmas wish list. It is just a guide for my family and friends and you all to get some gift ideas for you or a loved one!


1. First off, everyone loves a good quality pair of leggings. I stick to buying many pairs of black leggings from Forever 21 because they are under $5 for each pair. But they aren’t super high quality and they tend to only last for a few months. I love the brand Zella and have one of their pairs of leggings already. I really like these plain high waisted black leggings. They have great quality activewear. They look and feel like Lululemon except half the price at $54 dollars.2. This handbag on my list is definitely a more expensive gift, but I really love the wine color and that it is a cross body style. Not too bulky and good for carrying just a phone, some touch up makeup, my ID, and some money. It would look so good dressed up or even just for casual use. I absolutely love it!3. I love Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks and I saw this on the Sephora lipstick and I was like omg I must have this. You get so many shades and it is such a great value at $49 dollars. If you have a makeup lover that you need a gift for, this would be perfect. I have two shades from this liquid lip line and love them both. They feel so good on the lips and literally last all day long.4. Starbucks gift card is always a go to gift for me. I love going to Starbucks to work on school work or just if I need something quick. I am a big fan of their Green tea and iced Caramel Macchiatos. A perfect for anyone who loves coffee and is always on the go!5. I love my Sony camera, but the lens that came with it just is not the best. After doing some research I came across this lens and think it will work a lot better for me personally. It is definitely a pricier gift on my list, but it is definitely a gift I would use a lot. I also think that in terms of tech.. if you know someone who loves taking pictures or has a blog as well, a nice camera would be a great gift! This lens is linked here.

6. I love my wallflowers. They last a long time and they keep our apartment smelling so good. I keep a few on hand and then just buy more when I run out. My favorite scents are mahogany teakwood and marshmallow fireside. They are also a great gift with the wallflower plug included because they are inexpensive and a great gift for anyone. This product is linked here.

7. I don’t buy new active shoes often, but I came across these and fell in love. I love this color and they are pretty affordable. And they are just easy to put on and head out. By the way my shoe size is a 8..haha.

8. Lastly, I love this B.P. cardigan in this oatmeal color. It is a neutral color and so cozy. I love B.P. from Nordstrom and own a few clothes by this brand. They are affordable and such great quality for the price point. Definitely check this brand out if you are looking to get someone a cozy cardigan for the colder months. It is under $50 and comes in about 5 colors!

These are my top items on my Christmas wish list and I hope I was able to give you some ideas/inspiration for your Christmas wish list or gift giving ideas. Hope you all have a great week. It is almost Thanksgiving :). XOXO.

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