My top 5 wedding tips

June 26, 2018

Wedding planning is hard you all. It doesn’t matter how small or how large you want your wedding to be, you will run in to issues before and on your wedding day. So now a month after our wedding, I wanted to sit down and make a blog post for my top 5 wedding tips I wanted to pass on to any bride to be. There will also be some wedding photos at the end and if you are looking for an amazing photographer check out @cannonweddingphotography on instagram. They are a husband & wife duo and he makes awesome videos. We loved their work and will cherish our pictures and wedding video for a lifetime. Now lets get in to the blog post!

  1. Utilize your social media resources. If you are looking for a photographer/videographer, make sure to check places besides the knot or wedding wire. I actually went to instagram and went to tags and typed in Nashville wedding photography and searched through there. Depending where you live would be what you type in. That is how I found my photographer/videographer and I felt it was a more relaxed process. The knot and wedding wire are not the end all be all of wedding planning so keep that in mind. Facebook is also another great option to find photographers locally. Make sure to not skimp on your wedding photos or video(if you are doing one) because you will regret it if you have unfocused or poorly edited photos.
  2. Join a facebook wedding decor resale group. While we were living in Columbus, Ohio before the wedding, I joined at least three groups and found some great decor pieces that saved me money and helped a previous bride get rid of her unused wedding decor. This is great especially if you are on a budget and could just really save you time overall. They have everything usually from chargers to wedding arches. So keep that in mind when you are shopping for decor and trying to save money!
  3. Print invites yourself. No I don’t mean literally yourself, but I wanted a simple calligraphy printed invited and everywhere I looked were overpriced. So, I went to Etsy, purchased a template for $20, edited our names, date, time, etc., and then went to, uploaded the pdf file, and purchased the amount I needed. was great because they proofed my pdf and they always have coupon codes so it cost around 40 bucks to have 100 invites printed. So definitely check that out if you are looking to save money on invites. We got exactly what we wanted for less just by doing a little work ourselves.
  4. Use thumbtack. This is difficult if you are in a smaller town, but since our wedding was near Nashville, Thumbtack was so great to use. If you aren’t familiar with thumbtack, it is a website where you can hire people for specific jobs and it shows you reviews from previous people who have hired them as well. We found the guy who did our wedding cake on there. His name is @dunkbakes on instagram out of Nashville. So delicious. We also found our DJ on there as well who was a big hit at our wedding. Such an awesome guy. You can find him at He is also out of Nashville! So thumbtack was a great find for us and it saved us a lot of money!
  5. Things will go wrong. I repeat, things will go wrong on your wedding day. IT IS OKAY! We had planned to have our ceremony outside, but last minute it started raining so it had to be moved inside. Yes, we were kind of bummed, but it had been so hot outside that I think everyone was okay with it. I knew I couldn’t change it so instead of focusing on what was going wrong, I focused on the fact that I was marrying the love of my life. That is my biggest tip is to just enjoy your day. It is yours and your new spouse’s big day and that is why you’re there. Don’t forget that when things go wrong. Just enjoy it and the loved ones who came to celebrate this amazing day.

I hope I helped you in some way. Even though everything didn’t go exactly as planned, I had the best wedding day filled with so much love. I wouldn’t change any part of it. I am no wedding expert, but if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or dm me on instagram. I hope you all enjoyed. XOXO


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