Book of the Week: Week 1

July 29, 2018

So, if you know me at all you know that I love reading. When we moved in to our new apartment and didn’t have wifi for a week, I read 9 books. I really like any kind of genre honestly, but since I have been loving reading so frequently.. I wanted to start a new “segment” if you will on my blog all about my book of the week. I’d love to hear in the comments any recent books you may have read that you would recommend to myself and to other followers on my blog.

My first book of the week book goes to: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) Present over perfect by Shayna Niequist. This book is a great book to read if you feel like you can’t ever just be in the moment. Your to do list is too long or you just feel like you can’t do it all. I loved this book because it taught me some tools to just sit back and be in the moment. Our to do lists will be there later, the world won’t end if we decide to not check social media just one more time, and we spend more time just living in the moment. I find myself always using some sort of electronic device. Between my phone, iPad, and laptop, I am constantly doing something not involving living in the moment. When I started reading this book I honestly felt lighter and not so absorbed in other people’s lives. If you love self-help kind of books, please check this one out. It is something I would recommend to anyone who feels like their life is flying by and they can’t even enjoy it with their family/friends. If you read this, let me know in the comments. If you don’t, but have another book similar to this, please also let me know in the comments and for anyone else reading. Thanks for reading and I hope you all will enjoy this new aspect of my blog!

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