My Favorite Amazon Purchases

August 6, 2018

Amazon is taking over the world. Kidding, but kind of serious. If you aren’t the type of person who goes out and shops, then Amazon is the best place to go to literally find anything you need. We have had prime for years now and I couldn’t imagine not having it. When we lived in Columbus, OH we used prime now a lot to deliver our groceries. I mean Amazon does it all. So I decided to put together a blog post of my top amazon purchases. Do you all use Amazon and if you do, do you have prime? Let me know in the comments because I am curious how many of my readers have prime or use Amazon at all.

Fiddle-Leaf fig: OH MY GOSH, I love my fiddle leaf plant and I took a chance and ordered it on Amazon because it had great reviews. Lets just say it came in the dead of summer looking perfect. I had been wanting a fiddle leaf for a long time, but I haven’t wanted to commit to the trees because they are so expensive. So I bought this plant because it was $30 and I am so glad I did. I don’t even want the tree anymore because I love this plant so much. If you are really in to this popular plant you see literally everywhere, you should check it out. It will not disappoint.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay: I have been loving this face mask. I only use this around once a week because it is pretty powerful. You can use it with apple cider vinegar or water. And it keeps my skin so smooth. It is one of those masks where you can tell it actually is working while it is on my face. And for under $10 you can get 1lb of it. A steal and so good!

Levi’s Mile High Skinny Jean: I love a good high waisted skinny jean. These make your legs and butt look good and they come in so many shades. I like darker denim so I opted for the Indigo shade, but I love Levi’s and these were under $50. Its always necessary to invest in good denim because good denim will last you a long time. Highly recommend these!

Ella Moon Bell Sleeve Lace Top: I have recently come to love amazon clothes because it seems you get way better deals. I found this cute Ella Moon lace bell sleeve top and it is SO soft and just really beautiful. I think everyone should buy this top because it is a staple piece and can be dressed up or dressed down. This looks so good with dark wash jeans and can be paired with a cute cardigan in the fall to wear it more than one season. Love this top!

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