DIY: Rope Shelf

August 12, 2018

I have gotten so many questions on how I built my rope shelves that I wanted to make a blog post on how I made it. Seriously so easy. I purchased everything from Home Depot and it cost around 50$ compared to the outrageous prices to buy online.

All you need:

We already had the drill bit and drill, but we did 2-2x8x8 and had them cut the two boards in half to 4-4 foot boards. (I ended up only doing three shelves), but I did start out thinking it would be 4.. and you could if you needed more shelves or had high ceilings. You can customize the sizing to your preference, but I liked the longer boards. Lastly, I got 40 ft of rope. I ended up only needed around 35, but liked having the extra. (If you do more shelves, account for that when buying rope)

Step 1: Drill all of the holes. I cut a 2×2 square stencil out of paper and lined them up on each edge to make sure all of the holes were in the same place. So you just drill all holes before you stain.

Step 2: Stain the boards any shade you want. I went with Dark Walnut and have the exact one linked above. I let this dry overnight fully before working with it any further.

Step 3: Next you want to cut your rope. I needed 8 feet on each side since it has to go through both sides of the shelf. So this total 16 feet for the left side and 16 feet for the right side.

Step 4: Run the rope through each hole and as you do tie into a knot and pull tight. This keeps the shelves in place and more sturdy. Continue running through the next holes and then tie a knot again after each shelf you do until you have ran it through all you are using. I chose to leave some of the rope dangling because I liked the look of it!

Step 5: Then I used a stud finder to find two studs and then drilled a hole and screwed in the cup hook. If you have a beam you can screw it in to that. I didn’t want mine to hang from the ceiling so I screwed in the cup hooks to the studs and then hung the shelves.

Step 6: Time for the fun part.. Decorating. I am always changing out decor so it changes almost weekly, but this is what I currently have placed on the shelves.

So easy and under 50$. If I can DIY this, so can you!


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